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Holy Group, is a global trading business with operations in the UK, India, Dubai and China specialising in the import and export of goods.

​The firm was established in the year 2012 and has expanded its operations exponentially since its inception with interest across Healthcare, Logistics, Travel and Tourism, Leadership and Management consultancy and sales in excess of £100m across the group.

​More recently, from February 2020 in response to the global requirement for PPE, Holy Group has started supplying and delivering health care products across the world. We have provided in excess of 15 million masks, sanitisers, medical gloves and hazmat suits.

Industry Sectors

Holy Group supply personal protective equipment to a wide variety of business sectors. We fully understand and appreciate the needs of our healthcare hero's, organisations and companies who need to protect their staff and their customers and at an individual level where people need protect themselves and their loved ones at home and at work.

We believe we are good at what we do in terms of quality products, price and logistics. We are also innovating a few products of our own that would be useful as people move away from the locked down world, such as thermal cameras, W.H.O formulated hydro alcoholic mist spray, 5ml Crystal Drop hand sanitiser for the Fashion conscious and Personal Protection kits that are available at check-outs for convenience.

Our Product Range

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