About Us 

At Holy Group, we provide clients with quality personal protective equipment (PPE) at very competitive prices. Our business was founded in 2012 on the principles of fairness and selection - and we pride ourselves on our commitment to these founding principles to this day.

We are a privately owned business and have provided professionally certified PPE equipment to a wide variety of clients throughout the world. All of our employees are committed to providing quick responses and consistent, high quality work. With a focus on personalized service and a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, what are you waiting for? Contact us today.

Our Executive Team

Meet our team of dedicated professionals, each bring their own experience, specialism and know-how to the company. This in turn means the company can provide you with a quality service and products of the highest standard.

Key Benefits with Holy Group

Global Distribution

Competetive Pricing

Holy Group is a global trading business, founded in 2012, with operations in the UK, India, Dubai and China. It has expanded its operations exponentially since its inception with interest now across Healthcare, Logistics, Travel and Tourism, and Leadership and Management Consultancy.

From February 2020 in response to the global requirement for PPE, we have started supplying and delivering health care products across the world using our existing global team and network to ensure a robust and reliable supply and distribution.

Quality Assurance

Holy Group and its suppliers understand the crucial importance of the requirements of the UK NHS and WHO for the highest standards of PPE and the need for clinicians caring for patients to feel confident in the PPE they need to wear.

The PPE technical standards required by the UK Government and NHS are continually being monitored, the latest COVID-19 PPE guidance (12 April 2020) gives enhanced recommendations. PPE required for high risk areas includes long-sleeved disposable fluid repellent gowns or coveralls, a FFP3* respirator, a full-face shield or visor and gloves. Our products meet these technical standards published by the UK Government.

*In the UK the HSE have stated that FFP2 may be used if FFP3 respirators are not available.

We understand both the global economic and ethical importance of providing the correct standard PPE at competitive prices.

As a successful trading company, incorporated in the UK since 2012, we feel strongly that we have a duty to supply products to our NHS at a fair price, based on us paying our suppliers at a fair price. In a market-led economy with high global demand, prices can be exponentially increased by unethical firms out to make a quick profit. Our ethos is to become a preferred supplier to the NHS for now and in the future and hence offer competitive prices for all our products and services.

Experienced Team

Our team, introduced above, has great depth and breadth of experience in international trade and has built up a robust and reliable global network of suppliers and partners over our years of trading.

We understand the potential risks and issues trading on the global stage and with our experience seek to mitigate them to provide you with a quality service and products. Our individual skills combine to make a powerful team which works well together, is flexible and adaptable and able to make timely decisions and responses, especially in this rapidly changing COVID-19 situation, for your benefit.