Protective Suits

Disposable Protection Clothing

PPE Regulation EU 2016/425
The conditions for the sale of personal protective equipment
(PPE) and the fundamental safety requirements that
this PPE must meet are regulated in the PPE Regulation
EU 2016/425.

If the requirements set out in the directive are met, the
product is eligible for CE marking and can be offered for
sale on the European internal market. Depending on the level of risk that protective clothing is designed to protect against, PPE is assigned to one of three categories:

Category I:

Simple protective equipment, low risk

Category II:

Protective clothing that protects the wearer against hazards; PPE that does not fall into category 1 or category 3

Category III:

Protective clothing that protects the wearer against potentially fatal hazards or serious and irreversible damage to health, high risk

Safety Suit EMN428 - Lakeland

Tyvek 400 - Dupont Tyvek

PS10 - Dupont Tyvek

Model CHf5 - Dupont ProShield

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