Temperature Testing

COVID-19 Temperature Screening

Holy Group can supply various temperature testing products which will identify infection of Covid-19.

 We have a number of manuafacturers we work with and specific details are available on request. The following is general information on testing for Coronavirus.

For COVID-19 Coronavirus, How Well Do Thermometer Guns Work?

The thermometer guns can be very useful for screening crowds at a public event, hotel, school, hospital, airport and other places where people gather. You can get a quick reading and identify someone who might be sick with the COVID-19 Coronavirus. However, there are many reasons why an experienced operator can get inaccurate readings.

A restaurant server, chosen at random to screen customers, could cause unnecessary worry, ostracize a perfectly healthy person and even lead to gossip, quarantine and other treatment measures that aren't needed. It's also important to ask questions to determine if there are other symptoms of the virus if you get a high reading.

How reliable are the results?

The thermometers work well if you choose a high-quality unit from a reliable company and an operator who follows the recommended best practices. The advantages of using a thermometer gun include:

  1. Ability to monitor the temperature without touching a contagious person
  2. Can be used for various applications
  3. Lightweight, compact and easy to use
  4. Fast scanning of large crowds
  5. An important resource for many places like airports, hospitals, schools, etc.
  6. Great for taking temperatures of uncooperative targets - such as infants, pets, small children, etc.
  7. Learning how to use an infrared thermometer on a baby to save time and relieve stress

The disadvantages of using a thermometer gun include:

  1. Inaccurate readings caused by operator error
  2. Unnoticed environmental conditions that skew readings
  3. Likelihood of causing false readings that can greatly inconvenience people
  4. Possible quarantining of people who aren't sick
  5. Requires a learning curve for inexperienced operators

Best Way to Use a Thermometer Gun

The best infrared thermometer for body temperature is one that's manufactured by a company with experience in manufacturing accurate thermometers. It's also best to buy directly from the manufacturer and avoid the price gouging that many people face when buying sanitary supplies and other products to combat the risk of contracting Coronavirus. For example, a standard thermometer is reasonably priced, highly accurate and can be set specifically for taking body temperatures and even testing the surface temps of cooked foods. The following steps are an guidance on how to use a thermometer gun correctly:

  1. Set the Reading to Fahrenheit or Celsius
    You can move the toggle switch easily to change your measurement to Fahrenheit or Celsius.
  2. Set the Measurement Unit
    Choose what kind of reading you're doing - food, body temperature, etc.
  3. Turn on the Laser Gun
    The power button turns on the gun for use.
  4. Aim the Gun
    Aim the gun to the object or person. Make sure there is nothing blocking the gun and target.
  5. Get Close
    Get close to the object or person - between one and two feet.
  6. Pull the Trigger
    Pulling the trigger gives an instant infrared reading on the gun's display.

The Right Environment to Use a Thermometer Gun

According to the temperature-taking experts thermometer guns can only be used accurately under the right environmental conditions. The gun only measures surface temperatures and not more accurate internal temperatures that apply to food and body temperature. The right environments for using a thermometer gun include:

Controlled or Mild Environments
The guns work accurately where there are little or no moisture, smoke, dust, frost, and particles in the air.

Indoor Environments
The guns work best in areas free of electromagnetic equipment, radio frequencies, and high or low internal temperatures.

Close Operation
You must be close to what you're measuring, be that food, body temperature or ambient heat from an oven or grill.

Areas Free of Barriers
The guns can't "see" through glass, liquids, plastic or any transparent surface.

Fast Temperature Changes
Any area where the temperatures rise and fall quickly can throw off your readings.